Site Plan and Subsurface Gas Storage

Consented development (Please click on the thumbnail to view the image.)

We plan to redevelop the existing site. There will be a new remote well site for up to six wells and 1.2km high pressure flow line to the main site.

There will be a 4.4k pipeline (24” in diameter) that leads to an above ground installation (there will be an underground connection point).
The proposed development comprises:

  • The construction of a well-site and the drilling of six boreholes to access an identified underground gas-bearing geological structure
  • The construction of a connection facility into the National Transmission System (NTS) together with associated inter-connecting pipelines.

The purposes of the four elements of the project are to:

  • Drill up to six additional wells into the reservoir to realise optimum storage potential
  • Provide above ground processing and compression equipment to handle gas re-injection and production, water extraction from the produced gas and metering of the imported and exported gas
  • Provide a high pressure gas pipeline connection to the NTS to import and export retrieved and stored gas
  • Provide a connection facility at the point of exit/re-entry from/into the NTS

The gas is injected and extracted as follows:


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The gas is stored approximately 1700 metres (circa 5,600 feet) below the surface. To put this into some sort of perspective, the towers on the Humber Bridge consist of a pair of hollow vertical concrete columns, each 155.5 metres (510 ft). Imagine, therefore, standing eleven columns on top of each other and that is the approximate depth of storage!